This time of year is always kind of “glum” to me. The highs of the Holidays come crashing down, the cold damp air, the lack of sunshine, all of it combined starts to take a toll on this girl’s usual cheery disposition. I swear I am one of those that would benefit from that light therapy trend. This is also why working out these months is so important for me to boost my mood. If you missed my workout post detailing my weekly workout schedule….here it is!

I am by no means “depressed”, but the winter months are definitely a bit more dreary feeling for me than any other months of the year! I have found that adding a little bit of color to my winter wardrobe come January helps with my winter woes. There’s just something about pastel colors that make me feel happier and more alive. So I’m sharing the

5 ways I like to add some pops of pastel colors to my #ootd

**I will say, when searching for pastel pieces to wear during the winter months, I like thickness and texture. I feel this keeps everything “Winterish” and I’ve never felt I was trying to be “too springy” before my time.

  1. Chunky Sweaters – The chunkier the better!

I love chunky sweaters in the winter! In southern Alabama, this is the only time we can really wear and layer a coat over sweaters, so I take full advantage of the weather and layer up. I love a chunky sweater in a pastel shade because it really pops! Here are a few of my favorites including the one I am wearing here.

More of my favorite pastel sweaters……

2. Faux Fur Jacket

Faux fur is huge right now and in a ton of different textures. Texture is important when you’re trying to mix spring-like pastel colors into your winter wardrobe. I feel the texture still makes it wintery feeling and not like you’re trying to wear a spring time coat a little too earlier. Take a look at these…..

3. Puffer Jacket –

Puffer jackets are another huge trend and from the looks of the runways, they’re not going anywhere. This is where I will again stress my point about thickness and texture when adding pastels to your winter wardrobe. I love the puffers that are thick and have a velvety like texture like these…..

4. Shoes

Winter Boots, Booties or Pumps! Shoes are a great way to add color to a winter look!

5. Accessories –

Winter gloves, hats, scarfs, even handbags are all a fun way to add a pop of color. Since pastel shades are on trend this season, you can find your favorite shade in just about anything. Here are some of my favorites

Thanks for stopping by VP of STYLE! I hope you’ll try at least on of these 5 ways of adding a pop of pastel to your winter wardrobe! And you never know, adding a little color might help kick those winter woes for you too! Stop by again soon for more style inspiration!


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