It’s the New Year and with that comes all of the New Years Resolutions and goals to spark positive changes in our lives! And with each year that passes, one resolution continues to be on the top as far as popularity goes…..the “working out consistently” resolution! Alot of people struggle after the “newness” of the year wears off to hold to their resolution of working out consistently, so I thought I’d share 6 things I implement in my own life that help me stay consistent with working out on the daily.

#1. – I MAKE A PLAN – usually every Sunday, I sit down with my planner (I have to have one where I write it down and I have to have a daily planner like this one) and I time block out the time I think I will most likely workout on the days of the upcoming week according to my other appointments/obligations and my family’s schedule. For me it helps for me to see it down at a certain time every day while I’m looking at my planner to remind me and motivate me that it needs to happen! I also set a reminder on my phone to make sure I get the message. The more reminders, the better. I also have friends that place sticky notes around their house to remind them. Whatever works for you to get it done!

#2 – I CONSTANTLY SWITCH UP MY WORKOUT – and by “constantly” I mean at least every other day! I used to be that person that would wake up and just go run 6 miles every. single. day. I don’t know what happened to me, but I just woke up one day and was burned completely out! I do still run, but it’s almost always a run that is broken up into increments or if I’m on the treadmill. I have one run/walk workout in particular I like to follow that prevents me from getting bored. Whether it’s running, a dance sculpt class, hitting the stairs, or a hiit workout, I am constantly changing up how I workout. I get bored easily these days and this always prevents me from getting burned out.

#4 – INVOLVE OTHER PEOPLE INTO YOUR WORKOUT LIFE – To be completely honest, I am more of a loner when it comes to working out. I do not have a problem getting motivated to complete a workout, but staying on a consistent path, I sometimes need a little push. There’s nothing that will push you to go workout more than when you know someone’s waiting on you to show up to work out with them. In times when I need a little more of a push or if I’m feeling in a rut, I’ll get my husband involved or a friend.

#4 – BUY NEW SHOES OR NEW WORKOUT OUTFITS OFTEN – It’s an investment in your health lol!! I know it sounds silly, but I always am more motivated when I invest in new workout shoes or a new workout set! No-one ever likes to buy things and not put them to use, RIGHT!? There are so many great shoes out right now, but these have to be my absolute fav of the moment. Also, the workout clothes right now just keep getting cuter and cuter. My go to for leggings is Lululemon or Alo and they must be high waisted! I just love their material and they hold up so well wash after wash! Worth every extra penny. Some leggings are going on 3 years and still look new! Shop some of my favorite workout wear HERE


#5 – Buy a workout program online or join a local workout class/gym – This will force you to workout because these gyms/programs/classes aren’t free, and hey, no-one likes wasting money, right!? I have two that I love that are online….Kayla itsines BBG workout and Dance Body. Local classes are a great way to form accountability with the trainer or with a group of people that are going consistently. I know when I go to the my favorite local classes, if I don’t show up for a few, I’m getting a text asking where I’ve been.

#6 – Set some goals or Come up with a challenge for yourself to keep you on track – If there is a particular excercise I’m slacking on that I know my body probably could use more of (usually lunges and squats for me or stretching) I try to add in a challenge to get a certain number done a week and then I see if I can get a little more in the following week. Or if I’m trying to get a little more running in, I’ll set goals on speed or distance. I always like a little competition and adding this into my workout helps me stay on track and feel like I accomplished something at the end!

Ok, so for everyone who’s dmed me…..here is exactly what I do on a weekly basis – 

MONDAY – I do a video on fitfusion most of the time on Mondays I need a no brainer so my go to is always one from JILLIAN MICHAELS and a lot of the times it’s the RIPPED IN 30 (level 3 or 4…but all of the levels are good and all of her videos are good.) I also really like ZUZKA LIGHT’S videos – followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill or when the weather is nice, I will take the 2 youngest on a stroll and include some stairs in with the walk by the bay.

TUESDAY – KAYLA ITSINES – BBG (LEGS) – I like her sweat app which pretty much walks you through the entire workout and has a timer with a buzzer! Check it out HERE – I follow this up with 30 min treadmill 1 min run (6.8) 2 min fast walk (4.8)

The leg workout looks like this

WEDNESDAY – DANCE BODY online – I choose a dance workout whatever I’m feeling I want to do – they’re usually an hour long.

THURSDAY – BREAK or YOGA/stretching – Thursdays are now my new break day. This is usually the day I spend trying to get all of my weekly to do’s wrapped up to be finished by Friday and the day is already full with George’s 2 therapy sessions. (Physical Therapy for toe walking and Speech Therapy right after) If you see me on a Thursday after these sessions, I apologize! I’m usually physically and mentally drained just from the physical therapy session and trying to get him to somewhat cooperate.

FRIDAY – on Fridays, it really depends on my mood. If I feel like I need more arms, I will do a Kayla Itsines Arms and Abs workout. Or if I feel like I need something “more fun or I won’t get moving today”, then I’ll do another Dance Body and try to find one that has some sculpting in it.

The arm/ab workout from Kayla Itsines looks a little like this

SATURDAY – DANCE SCULPT CLASS with Naturally Strong Nonie – Probably the most fun you could ever have at a workout class. Someone last week brought their heart rate monitor to track calories burned and the final number at the end of the class was 591! I mean we really are dancing our booties off in that class lol!

SUNDAY – BREAK /ACTIVE REST – and by active rest I mean we are always moving and going whether it’s a walk by the bay or a family bike ride. It’s one of the only days during the week that we are all able to be together as a family!

***My goal for 2019 is to replace at least one of my home workouts during the week with one of Nonie’s HIIT classes and to add in a yoga class one afternoon! She’s just so good and I have so much fun at each one of her classes. Locals, if you haven’t checkout out her program, you can check it out HERE!

As far as diet goes, I’m not the healthiest of eaters, but I always try to eat healthier options. I do have a major sugar addiction and believe me, I’m aware of it, and I’m trying to be better, but, damnit, chocolate chip cookies just get me! I try to make up for it with being healthier with other things I eat. (Not sure if this is even realistically possible, but in my mind, it makes me feel better so I’m going with it). I think, if you just make yourself start to become more aware of the things you’re putting into your mouth, you’re on the right track to cleaning up your diet little by little. It doesn’t happen over night nor do I think it should be something that drastically changes or you’ll end up relapsing. It’s like trying to quit smoking cold turkey when you’re used to smoking 3 packs a day kind of thing (not that I’ve ever been a smoker, but I’ve been told this by one).

I drink a cup of coffee every morning with hazelnut coffee creamer! plus a scoop of vital proteins (it’s called balance)

I eat 2 eggs (either poached or over easy) and a piece of dave’s bread (toast) for breakfast every morning.

I’m not a soda drinker – I do like sparkling water

I don’t eat fried food (it hurts my stomach) but I will eat some of my kids chick fil a fries every now and then. You can’t beat those dipped in the chick fil a sauce…mmmmmmm.

I rarely eat red meat. and I’m not a big meat eater in general, although I do cook a lot with Chicken.

I LOVE SALADS….My favorite at the moment is the harvest salad from Thyme On Section! Have you had it!? OMG! You must try it if you’re local and you haven’t had it yet!

I also love the Sage Salad from Sage Lebanese Cuisine in downtown Fairhope! If you’re vegetarian or even vegan, they have so many choices. I love ordering here when I’m not really feeling like meat.

My favorite thing to fix to have something somewhat healthy on hand in the fridge is crockpot chicken. It is so simple and something I can have for lunch a few days during the week and saves me from those “ravenous, I was so busy I forgot to eat lunch” kind of moments. My favorite version is to put 4 chicken breasts in with a jar of organic salsa. I also add in a can of organic black beans (drained and rinsed). You can put this in a tortilla or over some quinoa(think grain bowl). I usually add some avocado, a little cheese, and either baby spinach leaves or cilantro!

Another thing I’m not big on is dinner or big meals in general. I am more of a grazer throughout the day. I like to have little snacks/tapas sized meals throughout the day and I’m usually done eating all together by 5:30ish unless David and I go out to dinner for a date night.

Also, something super hard for me and I’m trying to do better with is drinking enough water. I know it is so bad, but there were days in the past where I would go all day with only a few sips of water! That’s why I ended up in the hospital with a kidney stone when George was 6 weeks old. I now try to fill up a bottle and have 3 of them a day. My stomach just gets too full when I drink a lot, but this also keeps me from thinking I’m hungry when I’m really just thirsty….It’s a real thing…. google it!

One day, I’ll attach a food journal to this post. I think it would be something fun to recheck in a year and see how I’m modifying and changing things over the course of the year! I’m nowhere near a perfect healthy eater, but I try and I’m aware and when given the choice, I’ll usually choose a healthier option (9 times of 10 ha!)

I hope these 6 tips will help you stay on track with your workout this year and keep you motivated! Please don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments! I would love to help clarify anything I can or help with anything! HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!



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    Thank you… very motivating and simple!!