amazon fitness favorites

Staying motivated to work out can be daunting at times, especially when you work full time and have to shuffle kids around all over the place. Having the right equipment to get you through can be just the motivation to help keep you going and on the right track no matter the many distractions we are bound to face! Amazon is always my go to place because of the convenience of having everything delivered straight to your front door practically over night! Oh, and the dupes that can be found on Amazon are truly amazing! So I’m rounding up my Amazon workout favorites that I use daily to help me stay on track with my fitness goals. If you want more workout tips and my exact workout schedule/plan CLICK HERE!

Amazon Workout Favorite #1 – WRIST WEIGHTS – I love these wrist weights and they come in so many colors! They’re comfy and I love wearing them during a hip hop fit class or during my dance workout on Sculpt Society!

Amazon Workout Favorite #2 – Apple Air Pods – These are a must! I waited so long to get these because I thought I didn’t really need them, but let me tell you what a difference they have made for my runs as opposed to my corded regular headphones! I love them so much, I bought my husband a pair for Christmas!

Amazon Workout Favorite #3 – Apple Watch – So many apps to keep you on track with your fitness goals! I always set reminders so I’m pushing myself

Amazon Workout Favorite #4 – Lululemon Dupes – So many lululemon dupes on Amazon and all for under $30…..I love this top that is similar to the lululemon swiftly tech long sleeve top.

Amazon Workout Favorite #5 – Neck/Back Massager – This Amazon massager was a hit for Christmas and I added one to our house as well! My husband loves using it after a long day on the tennis court….it saves me from having to massage his shoulders! WIN WIN!

Amazon Workout Favorite #6 – LULULEMON SPEED SHORTS DUPE – I love these shorts and they’re such a good dupe to the lululemon speed shorts!

Amazon Workout Favorite #7 – BROOKS RUNNING SNEAKERS – These are great running shoes if you need stability but still want super light weight!

Amazon Workout Favorite #8 – LULULEMON SPORTS BRA DUPE – Comes in so many different colors

Amazon Workout Favorite #9 – LULULEMON WORKOUT BACKPACK – Love a backpack that keeps my hands free

Amazon Workout Favorite #10 – Coated Workout Leggings – Love these coated workout leggings that I can wear for workout or throw a sweater on when I don’t have time to fully change.

Amazon Workout Favorite #11 – Brita Water Bottle Stainless Steel – Has a built in Filter – I keep it with me always to make sure I get my ounces in water

Amazon Workout Favorite #12 – Vital Proteins Collagen Shot – I love the Vital Proteins line and these new shots make it that much easier.

Amazon Workout Favorite #13 – Camo Lululemon High Rise Legging Dupe – Love this camo color and they’re buttery soft just like the ones from LuluLemon.

Amazon Workout Favorite #14 – APL Tennis Shoes – I love these comfy tennis shoes for workout classes and the look of them for running around in all day! I wore these to Disney World and my feet were fine the entire time!

I hope you love my Amazon workout favorite purchases and they help you stay on the right track with your fitness goals too! Be sure to check out all of my Amazon Favorites HERE!



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