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  1. Betsy wrote:

    Great article and so well written. I am a high-end (designer) fashion blog which hashtags are much harder and rewards doesn’t have any. The landing pages for designers that I share on insta are almost impossible to be seen on. Everything you explained makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing and if you have any ideas for me…..share away!

    Posted 3.6.19 Reply
    • Victoria Pantovic wrote:

      Thanks so much Betsy! I’m glad you liked all of the tips! I would love to help more in this department if you need it! I actually do this for several local businesses in my area! Just shoot me an email vpofstyle@gmail.com

      Posted 3.7.19 Reply
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    Need to try this hashtag generator. This article was so helpful.


    Posted 3.7.19 Reply
  3. Ashh wrote:

    Wow this is such a useful post.

    Posted 3.7.19 Reply
  4. Such a great informative post! I feel like I’m always hunting down hashtags. I hear lots of other influencers say they don’t use them anymore but I swear by the extra views they bring!

    xoxo Christie

    Posted 3.7.19 Reply
  5. Jen wrote:

    So helpful! I need to use a hashtag generator-
    Such a time saver!!

    Posted 3.12.19 Reply
  6. Tracy wrote:

    Thank you so much for this post! There are so many good tips here so I’m going to have to come back to this post for sure to reference some of them!


    Posted 3.15.19 Reply
  7. erika wrote:

    Oh my gosh! This was so helpful! I appreciate you sharing popular hashtags based on what your Instagram is about!

    Posted 3.18.19 Reply
  8. Anna Peak wrote:

    Such a helpful read! Thank you!

    Posted 3.18.19 Reply
  9. Aurora wrote:

    Thank you for going in depth with what kind of hashtags to use! It is very helpful! #scsister
    xo Aurora

    Posted 3.18.19 Reply
  10. Dayna wrote:

    What a great post! Love all these tips, lady – was in need of some refreshed hashtags! xo Dayna // http://daysbyday.com/

    Posted 3.19.19 Reply
  11. Karen wrote:

    Thank you so much for such an informative post! I’m a new blogger and new to IG and this has been so helpful.

    Posted 3.19.19 Reply
    • Victoria Pantovic wrote:

      so gad you have found it helpful!

      Posted 5.27.19 Reply
  12. swanky wrote:

    wow, what a helpful content.
    thanks for sharing useful post.

    Posted 11.6.19 Reply