Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Kids

Are you in need of a little creativity when it comes to your Elf (Elves) On The Shelf? I gotchu, girl! It’s that time of year where things are getting “elfed” around my house! Those little nuisances can be a total pain, I know! Especially when you don’t have a plan or an inkling of an idea of what to do with the little mfers. Year after year, I take one for the team, roll up my sleeves, and go all out with the elves. There is something about seeing the magic of it through my babies’ eyes every single morning and the excitement they feel when they find and see the mischief or funny shenanigans their elves are up to.

elf on the shelf ideas for kids

This blog post is full of ideas that I have done myself, and some that I have found from others via Pinterest, that are sure to help get your creative juices flowing, provide a plan for you to not be caught by surprise in the mornings, and to create those magical fun moments for your little ones. I hope it helps you to create some sort of daily plan so that you’re not waking up in panic or full of dread. Now, go ahead and elf things up! 

Elf Idea: Pizza & Movie Night – Who doesn’t love Pizza and movie night!? The elves especially enjoy it when the movie is anything Christmas related!  

movie and pizza night with the elves

These pizza gummies are the perfect size for elf food props. Bonus: have extras out for kids to try “elf food”. I am linking more mini food gummy options here! 

elf ideas for the bathroom

elf on the shelf bathroom ideas

Elf Bathroom Idea: Draw a Bath for your elf!  Put Elf in a small bowl that resembles the scale  of a bathtub. Fill with cotton balls. Fold a washcloth to elf size and lay beside elf. If you have travel size bath soaps, put beside “tub”. Add a rubber duck. For an over the top addition, I took a loofah and cut it and gathered it into a ball and used a clear rubber band to tie it into a bunch and tie around elf’s hand. I finished it with a one of those fabric hair ties we had lying around that just so happened to be be the same color as the loofah.  

elf on the shelf bathroom ideas shaving

Elf Bathroom Idea: Let the elf shave in the mirror. For this elf, I stacked toilet paper up to where the elf reached the mirror, added a shaver with sticky glue dots to the elf’s hand, and added some shaving cream to the elf’s face. The shaver was a toy in a shaving cream soap kit my kids got a few years ago. 

ELF TIP: Make things stick to elves with glue dots that you can find at your local craft store or Target or Walmart. I use them to make our elves hold items in their hands.  


Something that helped me to think of new activities to do with the elves was to think of day of the week themes to stick to. Like Taco Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, etc. This would always prompt ideas for me to figure out something to create for the elves to get in to. 

elf on the shelf taco Tuesday idea

Taco Tuesday is a thing at our house and we usually go to or get take out form our favorite taco place in town Dragonfly Food Bar or make tacos at home. It was fun to create the elf version of Taco Tuesday for my kids to see them enjoying one of our favorite days of the week as well. 

Mexican fiesta elf on the shelf

I found everything pictured here at Hobby Lobby in the birthday party section. These sombrero hats were the perfect size for the elves and the cupcake toppers made the cutest flags for the elves to hold. The mini piñata was the cutest addition. Topped it off with a mustache for each elf and set out a few extra for the kids to wear if they wanted. I top off corners of tortilla chips to creat elf size nachos on a doll house size plate that we had in our house from barbie dolls. The taco truck was an ornament also available at hobby lobby. ELF TIP: Ornaments make the perfect elf size props. Also any barbie or American girl doll accessories are great props to use for the elves. 

How about a “Workout Wednesday”. Throw some mini marshmallows on the ends of toothpicks for the weights and a laminated napkin with a Lululemon logo cut to elf size. 

Elf Idea : An elf size marshmallow roast! Tape two toothpicks together for the skewer and put two mini marshmallows on the end. Get tea light candles and light and roast the marshmallows a little for an added effect. Blow out the candles so the house doesn’t burn down! Take is a step further and write a message for your kiddos with the marshmallows. 

elf marshmallow roast

Elf Tip: to make their hands stay in position, you can stick floral wire through the stitching in their arms and feed through. Then clip wire close to seam where you started the wire and then let the wire disappear into the arm. Just make sure no wire is poking out. Do the same thing to the other arm. You can also do it to the legs the same way. Here is an instructional on how to wire the elves’ arms that I found on Pinterest. 

When you’re in a pinch, just tie those little guys to something and/or make a mess! I strung mine up to the light fixture here with battery operated twinkle lights!


tiger king elf on the shelf

How cute is this Tiger King themed elf on the shelf!

Such a cute idea to use a candy cane and marshmallows to play golf!

elf in whisk

An easy last minute elf idea when you get in a pinch! 

coffee elf

Another easy idea….take a straw and a k cup from the Keurig and you’ve created a cute elf coffee scene!

elf selfie

Elves love a good s “elfie”! Take one of them and your child and print out for in the morning! 

selfie elf


Or pose them with a camera like they’re taking they’re own selfie! 

toilet paper


I hope these Elf On The Shelf ideas help you to create a little magic for your little ones! Let me know which one was your favorite!

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    September 16, 2021

    Enter our Elf on the Shelf ideas, which are as easy for parents to pull off as they are fun for kids to find. From seriously out-there projects to tried-and-true favorites (that happen to double as Christmas gift for kids, mind you), there’s something on our list for just about everyone. Truthfully though, who says you even have to have kids at all to get started? Many people choose to just use them as Christmas tree decorations and even show off their collection of figurines on their mantels.