I know you’ve probably heard and  will continue to hear about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (#nsale) over the next few weeks from every influencer/blogger known to man.

So before you’re all like, “OMG, please no”, just stick around for a minute….

because I want to do the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a little differently here on VPofSTYLE.com. Instead of just giving you links to anything and everything on sale, I want to walk you through how I actually shop this sale, the items I look for and how I decide what to look for, and some complete looks put together from the sale that I’m loving, and other tips to make shopping the #nsale a breeze. With over 150 new fashion, beauty, and home brands included in the sale,  this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is supposed to be the biggest one yet, but that also can make it a but overwhelming. So let this be 


to save you lots of time, energy, and maybe some money. 


so here's the deal....(you can skip this paragraph if you know all about the basics of the sale)

For those that do not know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Nordstrom’s biggest shopping event of the year. This sale is different from other’s as its not an “end of season” type of sale like others. This sale has brand new Fall arrivals all marked down making it a known for getting your wardrobe and home Fall ready. Tons of  amazing designer and brand name pieces are on sale for only a few weeks and at limited quantities! The prices then go back up for the rest of the season. Early Access to the sale begins July 12, with access open to all on July 28. The #nsale ends with prices going back to full price on August 8. Today marks the first day of Early Access. 

so how do you gain early access to the nordstrom anniversary sale, you ask?

Early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is for Nordstrom credit cardholders and how early you can access the #nsale depends on how much moola you’ve spent on your Nordstrom card or the year. For Nordstrom cardholders with the “Icon” status, your access to the sale starts today, July 12. On July 14, it opens access up to the “Ambassador” status. Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens up to all cardholders on July 16, which is when I’ll be shopping this year (Yes I have a Nordstrom Card). The sale opens to all on July 28. 

If you’re like me and not able to shop the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet, you can still preview items that will be included and add them to a wishlist to go back to when you’re officially able to shop the sale.

So the question I get year after year is this……..

should i open a nordstrom credit card just to have early access to the nordstrom anniversary sale?

ummmmmm……….absolutely not! Even though you can find some great items in this sale, its not worth opening up a credit card just to shop this sale. It’s not like you get more of a discount if you have a card. 

but if you shop at Nordstrom often throughout the year, the points you can accumulate on purchases could actually be worth it. But do not get one just to have early access to this sale! If you want to read all about what the Nordstrom Card has to offer, you can do all of that HERE.  

So now that I’ve got you all caught up on all of the “whats” and “when’s” of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. let me now go into detail of 

how i shop the nordstrom anniversary sale.......responsibly

  1. First, I take mental inventory of the things I already have and then of items I actually am in need of. Because this sale in particular is great for buying new Fall arrivals at a discount, I start with basics I am in need of refreshing for the upcoming Fall season. This includes denim, coats, jackets, booties, boots, and tees in the fashion category. Most of these are high dollar items that are needed for your Fall staple wardrobe.

  2. To stay focused on what it is I am searching for, I like to use the filter options. Take for instance I’m looking for a long winter coat in a certain size and certain color. I put it all in the filters and find just what you’re looking for.

  3. I then go through all of my favorite designers and brands that are included in the sale. (There is a filter for brands as well). One thing I always search for are my favorite denim brands. My favorite denim brands usually never go on sale or if they do, they’re always sold out in my size. 

  4. I only allow myself to order 5 items and I also have a dollar budget…..and it’s whatever comes first. If my dollar budget is met at only 2 items, then so be it. This keeps me from buying a bunch of shit I won’t even get to wear or use often. 
  5. The hundreds of items that are included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale change year after year and so do the things I am shopping for. This is why I take a mental inventory of what I’m needing and what’s included in the sale. Some years I’ve purchased only home items, with my need being to add to my cookware or finding comfy sheet sets, or decorating a dorm! 
  6. Some years I may not have anything specific I am needing in mind but then I may see that the sale includes my go to Nest candles or my favorite underwear, or skincare that I buy all of the time anyways and so I’ll get those items since they’re discounted (and because they rarely go on sale). Or there may be a gift that I already know I want to buy a family member for the holidays and I’ll go ahead and snag it if I feel the deal is the best I will find for it. You get the idea. The point being, money doesn’t grow on trees around here, so I don’t buy just to buy. 

With all of that said, I’m going to do a top 5 in each category from the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and then my total top 5 from the entire sale that are my curated picks. I’ll start with items that I think will sell out quickly. Quantities are limited so first come first serve kind of thing. Then I thought I’d put together some complete #ootd/looks that I love from the sale and I hope it makes shopping this sale a little easier for you. 

top 5 by category





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