The Friday 5 series is all about high fashion affordable picks, and by affordable, I’m talking everything under $50… no buyer’s remorse here. These under $50 picks have all of the high fashion detail and quality without the hefty price tag! All about a “Look for less”,  these posts are for you, girl! 

hm Friday five under $50

These 5 under $50 picks are ones I know will sell out quickly from H&M.

1.) I’m loving the shoulder pad trend! I swear I would have loved to have been able to really dress in the 80s….and not as a 5 year old! $35 for this cute sweatshirt with shoulder pads and the color is great for transition. Pair with white jeans now, dark grey or black jeans later. 

2.) Quilting detail is also a huge trend for Fall 2020 and I know this one you can were with everything from workout wear to jeans will go quick with it being just $49. 

3.) How pretty is this dress!? I love a winter white dress. I had to have this one and ordered is for a future baptism occasion. I’ll be the Godmother to my best friend’s baby boy and I couldn’t pass up this $19 (yep you read that right) winter white jacquard dress beauty! I repeat, it’s $19….what are you waiting for! 

4.) Ok, Ok. I know in the South we are still experiencing temps in the 90s, but this tie belted coat is a steal at just $49 and I know it won’t be in stock long! It also comes in black and for a classic style at this price tag, you won’t regret it. 

5.) Another fashion trend I’m seeing more and more of and loving for Fall 2020 is oversized collars. They’re putting them on everything from blouses, to dresses, to sweatshirts. I love this $19 leopard print blouse with the large collar! Lightweight and perfect for fall transition. 

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