So, I decided to do a little something for me that I have long been wanting to have done. I decided to get lip filler and I can’t wait to tell you the details of


After my 36th birthday, I starting realizing, the aging process is real! With my skin declining in collagen by the day (so it feels like), there are things I am noticing about myself that I never really paid that much attention to before. Some areas of my lips (lower right corner) are fading away and becoming non existent, which is giving my lips an uneven and deflated look. I mean, I could always fake it with a little lipstick and lip liner (see all my makeup favorites here), but who has time for that day in and day out!? I immediately began “looking into” aka “googling” lip filler and exactly what I might expect during a first time lip filler procedure.

Even though fillers are about as common as getting your hair highlighted these days, I still had my reservations about them. First, needles make me queasy at just the thought of them piercing my skin! I’ve given birth to 4 children, and I have to say the worst part of it was the IV! Also, I’ve always assumed that lip fillers would make my lips look like Kylie Jenner or any one of the Kardashians. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful, but not a look I have ever been going for, nor a look I feel like I could maintain financially. Also, in the back of my pessimistic mind were the possibilities of how it all could go wrong. Did you see Kris Jenner’s trout pout look circling the internet? Everyone thought it was a lip filler gone wrong moment!?

This is DEFINITELY not something I was wanting for my first time lip filler experience!

The truth is that she actually said it was from an allergic reaction, but it really stuck with me that people confused it was a filler mess up! On the other hand, I also know several ladies that get lip filler, and I would have never known they had this procedure done if they didn’t mention it to me. So with that in mind, I thought maybe a natural look with lip filler was achievable and not everyone with lip filler comes out on the other side of it looking like Lisa Rina.

My real estate broker invited me to a filler procedure event and I jumped at the opportunity to watch the process first hand. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Yula Indeyeva from the McCoullough Plastic Surgery Center in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Just watching her work and how she thoroughly explained the entire process, of what she was doing and why, totally changed my negative perceptions of lip fillers. Any doubts that I had in the ability to still maintain a natural look with lip fillers were gone.

Dr. Indeyeva is brilliantly educated on every single procedure she performs (see her bio below people, it’s impressive). Did I mention that she was also GORGEOUS, and the fact that she takes care of her face, as well, speaks volumes to me. I ended up scheduling a consultation with her and was super impressed by her knowledge and thorough explanation about the filler procedure custom to me and my lips at my consult. She put me in front of a 3 way mirror and studied my lips to a T. We talked about my goals of what I wanted to achieve in regards to my lips and everything I could expect with the first time lip filler experience. I knew I was in the absolute best hands.

Dr. Indeyeva’s lip filler procedure style is enhancing the natural lip by giving more definition and restoring the lost volume due to the aging process rather than creating more volume than your lip shape and size allows for naturally.  I left that consultation feeling like she had my lips best interests in mind and with an appointment to have the lip filler procedure done the following week!


Right before getting the filler, Dr. Yula and I went over all of the details of the procedure again. I then chose a numbing option. There are two options. You can either get numbing cream to numb your lips before the procedure or a dental block. I opted for the Dental Block numbing option because I didn’t want to feel a thing. This numbing option is just like what your dentist would use to numb you for a dental procedure such as a filling.

lip filler what to expect

lip filler numbing process

After I was completely numb, Dr. Indeyeva started with the lip filler procedure and worked her magic! She used Restylane Refyne by Galderma Aesthetics on my lips due to it having the most natural looking appearance. Again, with the dental block, I had absolutely no pain during the lip filler procedure and I was super comfortable. People say without numbing, it’s pretty painful.

lip filler procedure

first time lip filler experience

first time lip fillers

I did have to deal with being numb for about 4 hours post procedure, so keep that in mind when you opt for the dental block numbing method. I barely had any bruising at all post lip filler procedure, nor did I swell a ton. I feel like this had a lot to do with how gentle Dr. Indeyeva was during the lip filler procedure, as well as me following all of her post procedure tips below.

  • No exercise for 24-48 hours after your lip filler experience

  • Sleep with head elevated

  • No spicy or salty food for 48 hours following – and this one was so interesting to me but apparently the spices and salts can make their way into the thin membrane of the lips and really cause a lot of swelling.

  • Ice your lips 20 min on 20 min off over the next 24 hours post procedure.

  • Take an antihistamine like a Claritin or Zyrtec following the procedure and then Benadryl at night to help decrease swelling.

I left confident that my goals of what I wanted to achieve had been met and I am thrilled with the results after my first time lip filler experience at almost 3 weeks out!

lip filler before and after pics

Be sure to follow along on my instagram stories (@VPOFSTYLE) for more progress shots post procedure!

I asked Dr. Yula to Answer some of the top questions that she receives about fillers and here they are…..

Q:  Does it hurt?

A:  Without numbing- yes.  I use either a topical numbing cream or an injection nerve block, similar to what a dentist would use to make the injections completely painless.

Q:  Will my lips look natural?

A:  Absolutely.  My goal is to enhance your natural lips, and bring them into harmony with the remainder of your facial features, rather than creating a look that is not your own.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A: Cost ranges based on the exact type of filler which is determined based on your individual lip conditions and goals.  The cost ranges from $565 to $685

Q:  How long does it last?

A: Based on the exact type of filler, you can expect the lip filler to last 6-12 months.

Q:  What can I expect after the procedure?

A:  You should expect some swelling and possible bruising that will last 3-5 days.  Swelling is typically worst on the day following the injection. Numbing should resolve within a couple of hours.

Q:  What do I do after the injections?

A: Avoid strenuous activity, salty/spicy foods, for 48 hours. Ice the lips with a washcloth soaked in ice water for 20 minutes at a time.  Sleep with head of bed slightly elevated to facilitate resolution of swelling.



Yula Indeyeva is a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Skin Enhancement Specialist at the McCollough Institute in Gulf Shores. Dr. Indeyeva brings a unique perspective to Coastal Alabama, especially as it relates to enhancement of the human mind and body.

She was born in Russia, and moved to the United States at the age of 12. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University for both her undergraduate and medical school degrees. Dr. Indeyeva completed her bachelor of science degree (B.S.) in biology, graduating summa cum laude from the University’s Honors Program. She went on to obtain her Doctor of Medicine degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. She subsequently joined the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Oto-HNS) at the Virginia Commonwealth University for her surgical training as a head and neck surgeon.

As a resident, Dr. Indeyeva authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and presented at various meetings that dealt with the medicine and surgery of the Face, Nose, Head and Neck. She remained active in her community, providing free head and neck cancer screening at various community health fairs.

During her residency training, Dr. Indeyeva was exposed to a wide range of both cosmetic and functional head and neck surgery cases, including minor and major facial trauma. Following residency, she chose to pursue a highly competitive fellowship through the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and completed her fellowship in June 2018 under the direction of world-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough, former president of the American Academy (and certifying board) of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

In keeping with the innovative services Dr. Indeyeva brings to the Gulf Coast, she has initiated a community-wide screening and early intervention project for skin cancer screening and treatment, as well as a unique, non-surgical, technique for correcting visible deformities of the outer ear in newborns.

She remains active in our wonderful community, as a member of the Pleasure Island Junior Woman’s Club, Gulf Coast Athletic Club, Eastern Shore Medical Alliance, and Medical Society of Baldwin County.  She is also an active participant of the FACE TO FACE Humanitarian Program to provide pro-bono surgery to victims of domestic violence. She is very passionate about skin health, and has recently had the honor of serving on the medical advisory board for PCA Skin.  In her free time, she enjoys water activities, biking, skiing, meeting new people, traveling, and cooking.


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