15 at home date ideas

 You don’t have to leave your house

to have date night!

I know times are crazy right now for all of us! We are all trying to make the best of our new quarantined routines and trying to balance it all! My husband and I are still trying to maintain a date night once a week and although they look a lot differently now than they did last month, a date night in the comfort of your own home is still achievable even with kids in the house! I thought I would share some of the ideas that we’ve come up with for our in home date nights planned for after the kids go to bed!  


1. movie/show night

After all of the kids are put to bed, plan to watch a movie or a series that both of you will enjoy! Pop popcorn or make a charcuterie board, and enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine together! 

 If you need some ideas of what to watch….Here are a list of my favorite shows right now! 

2. cook/make and then enjoy a dessert together 

So after dinner is finished and after the kids are put to bed, (just know that basically all of these date night ideas are for when we’ve put our younger two kids to bed….older kids don’t even want to talk to you, so they don’t have to be in bed, ha! I just didn’t want to keep saying “after we put the kids to bed” bc that would be for every single one of these). I would say cook dinner, but we all know these days, we are cooking a lot of meals inside and it could seem like yet another chore! But dessert is something I know I look forward to and if there is something I would want to cook, dessert would be it. You can make it as quick or as elaborate as you want…just have fun with it and enjoy!

3. make a few (or a lot of) tik toks together! 

You don’t have to post them if you don’t want to, keep them in your drafts, but they are fun to create and they have us laughing for hours.


Working out these days is the one thing that is keeping me sane, I swear! Something about moving and just taking that time for myself, makes me feel better. My husband wanted to join me one day for one of my workouts and it was fun and we had a lot of friendly competition going on! After we finished it off with some of these fun couple moves……  

couples yoga workout moves

5. have a spa night

Try to come up with what your favorite things are about a spa day and try to recreate it as much as possible….put some essential oils in the diffuser…do a face mask together or do the one that makes you both look like you’re 80 years old while it’s drying! It’s a great laugh! Get him to paint your right nails. I found this Led light for Gel nails that was super easy to do. wine and self care for the both of you…who wouldn’t love that!

6. have a backyard picnic together! 

Grab some snacks and some wine (I know a lot of these date nights I’ve been saying that, but whatever)

7. do a puzzle together

Some of my favorite ones are these that look like art…..

8. camp out in the backyard

whether it’s all night or just watching a movie together via an iPad. we’ve set up a tent in the backyard and my husband is all about camping outside. We initially got it for him to camp out with the kids, but we thought it might be a fun idea for a date night.

9. play some board games/card games 

Do you have a favorite? Some favorites of our’s are….

10. ask each other questions

There are tons of question games out there that will spark a conversation or have you laughing at each other for hours! 

11. have a taste testing challenge

ok so here’s the gist….The first person tasting would be blindfolded and the person not tasting would set up the items to be tasted for the person tasting to guess. It could be anything…wine, cheese, condiments, different kinds of candy, beer, whatever you can come up with. Then switch! It’s pretty hilarious! 

12. Create a Bucket List or travel list together

Grab a notebook and start talking about all of the places you would go. Write it all down including the places you would go and all of the details of where you would stay and even eat. Do the research together and plan a fabulous trip for you to one day take together! 

13. solve a murder mystery together

There is a subscription service that I have been seeing lately called Murder Mystery in a Box and another one called hunt a killer! So I haven’t done this yet, but since I’m a total crime junkie, I thought it would be so fun to do this as an at home date night with my hubs! 

14. complete/work on a project together

Whether it be painting a canvas or making a bird house or painting a bathroom, take on that project together and have fun with it! You can split it up to work on over time or plan to complete it in one night.

15. get take out and eat together by candlelight

This is probably the easiest of my list of the best at home date night ideas and one you can do often or even with another one of these other date night ideas! Grab take out from your favorite local restaurant (this helps support those small businesses as well) and then set the ambiance and have a romantic dinner in your backyard or at your dining room table! 

I hope this list of the best at home date night ideas inspires you and your husband to take the time for yourselves! Let me know which one you and your husband try and love! 

Below are some pics of me and husband on dates before quarantine life! 

couples at home date night ideas
the best at home date night ideas


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